The Boerne Youth Football Association

Located in the Texas Hill Country, BYFA is a non-profit youth football association, committed to provide a competitive football environment where the child / player “comes first.” BYFA is serviced by community based volunteers; a dedicated Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Coaching Staff(s) and parents.

BYFA Coaching Philosophy

"Success is getting a group of kids to play together, as a team, play hard, and reach their ultimate potential while having fun."

At BYFA level of football we have a strong belief that all players deserve to experience game time if they are prepared to put the effort into training. Yes we want to see our teams win, but importantly want to ensure that each player gets the opportunity to play,(8 play min.). We believe that a player should be provided the opportunity to make decisions, both good and bad.


CTYFL Disclaimer: 

Registration for BYFA football is open to all children ages 4 - 12. Registration must remain open until two (2) weeks before the First Regular Season Game and all who register by this date must be accepted as long as they make required payments, provide required CTYFL documents and meet all other CTYFL eligibility requirements. No try-outs will be held - all children who register for BYFA football will play. Violations of this CTYFL policy will not be tolerated. Please report any violation of this policy to the CTYFL Executive Vice President here.